Multifuel boiler Domusa BioClass NG 16

2.705,32 € precio sin IVA (3.273,44 € IVA incluido)


Que incluye la instalación:

La instalación básica de una caldera de biomasa incluye la sustitución de la vieja por la nueva sin cambiarla de lugar. No incluye cada metro extra de salida de humos y agua en caso de modificar el lugar de instalación de la caldera. Ni tampoco incluye la bomba de recirculación, el vaso de expansión, ni algún otro accesorio necesario. Estos ultimos accesorios, si ya tiene otra caldera instalada seguramente se puedan aprovechar, pero en caso que sea una instalación nueva se tendrán que incluir al precio del presupuesto.

Condiciones generales para instalaciones y Observaciones adicionales:

1. Incidencias con el bulto entregado por el transporte

Es importante que cuando se reciban los bultos se tengan en cuenta los siguientes puntos:

  • Confirmar que el nº de bultos que recibe coincida con el indicado por la agencia o el transporte.
  • Comprobación que los bultos que le entreguen le correspondan.
  • Comprobación que los bultos que usted reciba estén en perfecto estado.
  • Si observa cualquier anomalía en el bulto que le entregan debe anotarlo en el papel de la agencia, o bien no acepte el bulto dejando constancia en el conforme.
  • Si observa cualquier anomalía en el bulto que le entregan debe comunicarlo de inmediato a Tu Mejor Energía a través de nuestro teléfono gratuito 900.847.000 y le gestionaremos una nueva entrega en el plazo máximo de 48 horas (días laborables).
  • Si NO puede comprobarla, haga constar en el justificante que firme al transportista el texto “PENDIENTE DE REVISAR” reservándose el derecho de reclamar en el plazo de 1 día (24 horas) según art.952, párrafo 2º del código del comercio.

La hoja de la agencia que ustedes firman es el comprobante de todo.
Si el bulto tiene un golpe y no lo han dejado anotado, ni Tu Mejor Energía ni la agencia NO se hacen responsable. Tu Mejor Energía hará todo lo que pueda para solucionárselo siempre y cuando sea posible.

2. Ventas online

Las ventas de Tu Mejor Energía se realizan bajo presupuesto online y con los datos que nos facilita el cliente.

  • El presupuesto es online y no se realizan visitas en el punto de suministro.
  • Los datos y fotos que nos facilita el cliente para la instalación los tratamos como premisas para realizar el presupuesto más adecuado.
  • Si el profesional, que se desplaza al punto de instalación, confirma que para un montaje adecuado existen extras que no se hayan observado en fotos o datos que se facilitaron a Tu Mejor Energía, el Cliente deberá abonar dichos extras directamente al instalador.

Certificados de instalación

Tu Mejor Energía no gestiona ni cobra los Certificados de instalación porque hay poblaciones que no es obligatorio. Cada Comunidad Autónoma es la que rige esta obligatoriedad y, es por ello que si fuera necesario, este trámite lo gestiona y cobra directamente el instalador que hará el montaje.

  • Envío en 24 horas según stock
  • Entrega en 3/7 días
  • Financing at 0% interest (12 months)

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The boiler Domusa BioClass NG 16 is a multifuel biomass boiler of 16 kW that can burn pellets and crushed olive bones. This boiler has electronic modulation, automatic cleaning with system Grinder and a choice between reservoirs 195 and 350 kg.

Domusa has achieved a technologically advanced product, obtained in the process of certification, the highest possible rating in Europe (Class 5 according to standard EN303-5) in all matters related to performance (up 95%), security and low emissions of gases and dust into the atmosphere.

Possibility of using various types of biomass pellets (pellets and olive stones) so that the user decide which is the best option that suits your needs and/or opportunities.

For burning olive pits has to include the kit that you can choose where to above under the price figure.

This boiler does not include any deposit to save the pellet or olive bones, and therefore you have to choose one of the two listed below in the section on Accessories. Have a capacity of 300L/195kg or de 544L/350kg respectively.

Exchanger cleaning system and fully automatic burner, which provides high user comfort and convenience. Cleaning the burner (Grinder system) is specially designed to treat ash and unburned (silica) high strength, to ensure both durability and low maintenance of equipment.
Schema components of biomass boiler Domusa BioClass NG
Scheme boiler components
1: Reserve tank (not included)
2: Endless Supply
3: antiretorno system calls
4: Ashtray
5: Burner
6: Self-Cleaning Burner
7: Circulation pump
8: Safety valve
9: Self-Cleaning steps Smoke
10: Motor fan
11: Trap
12: Pressure limiter
13: flow switch
14: Charge Grid

Automatic Fuel Operation
Biomass pellets allow automatic operation of boilers for heating and hot water. The boilers that use this type of fuel can be automatically started without user action and allow fuel use automatic feeders.

With BioClass NG boiler fuel consumption is reduced recovering investment in a short time. This is based on two aspects.

The body design of the boiler and their flues is designed for gases cede most of their energy to heat transfer fluid from the hip, and consequently the installation. The boiler BioClass NG able to reduce significantly the temperature of the flue gas, thus achieving the best market returns by category.

BioClass NG boiler has an electronic control which controls the amount of air required depending on the amount of fuel is provided, so as to achieve the required temperature in the boiler body. This allows superb combustion characteristics even with reduced powers. Being able to work with a system of reduced power are achieved significant savings in consumption, as the boiler output is adjusted to the needs of the facility. By having a wide range of modulation and able to work at low power cycles on / off boiler, avoiding lost in stopping and can be installed even without buffer tank is reduced.

Electronic Control
BioClass NG boiler has an electronic control that facilitates installation, by having multiple connection solutions for different system components. This control can perform installations with several areas including control over these areas with room thermostats or optional environment sensors. This control is designed so that you can implement modules that can command different types of installation. Also allows connection to a vacuum system automatic load and power commands telephone.

Direct return
The boiler BioClass NG features an innovative system that prevents return preheating complicated mixing systems to prevent condensation that can occur as a result of cold returns the installation. This system supports direct preheating boiler up to 25 ° C returns, which allows direct facilities, with any type of hydraulic installation settings.

Automatic cleaning
Cleaning of this boiler is fully automatic. Has a set of turbulators further step of retaining the fumes, in order to improve performance, is responsible for cleaning of ash remains in the hot gas. These turbulators are attached to the shaft of a motor via a cam system which periodically cause a vertical movement, thereby cleaning the gas flues.

Grinder system
The burner has an automatic cleaning system ashes. The lower body on burner features a patented cleaning system that periodically takes care of sending the ash generated in the combustion ashtray. The Grinder system makes cleaning even with the burner running, allowing not alter the comfort of installation, cleaning needs that may occur on the burner and leverages all the fuel supplied to the combustion chamber.

Reservation deposits manual loading
BioClass NG boiler is equipped with a host of primary power and can incorporate different deposit reserve capacities manual loading. The reserve deposits are delivered fully assembled and have a built grid load.

Deposits are not included with the boiler, so you have to choose one of the two listed below in the section on Accessories.

There are two capacities:

  • Booking deposit NG S 300 L / 195 kg.
  • Booking deposit NG L to 544 L / 350 kg.


Domusa BioClass NG 16 
Rated power 15.6 kW
Efficiency at rated output 93.5%
Part load power 4.2 kW
Power consumption 485 W
Minimum return temperature 25°C
Shot minimum chimney 10 Pa
Shot maximum fireplace 20 Pa
Diameter chimney Ø 125 mm 
Chamber volume water 55 liters 
Fuel at 100% 3.4kg

Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 1310 x 543 x 730 mm
Dimensions tank 300L/195kg (height x width x depth) 1525 x 404 x 730 mm
Dimensions tank 544L/350kg (height x width x depth) 1525 x 800 x 730 mm
Boiler weight 211 kg

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Multifuel boiler Domusa BioClass NG 16

Multifuel boiler Domusa BioClass NG 16

The boiler Domusa BioClass NG 16 is a multifuel biomass boiler of 16 kW that can burn pellets and crushed olive bones. This boiler has electronic modulation, automatic cleaning with system Grinder and a choice between reservoirs 195 and 350 kg.

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